Monday Night Chip Tournament results (4-24-2017)

Richard and Brandon-04-24-2017

Richard and Brandon

1st $140 + $140 side pot Brandon L.
2nd $100 Richard K.
3rd/4th split $65 each. David F. and Dee A.
5th $35 Sherri P.
6th $30 Todd C.
7th $25 Rick C.
8th $20 Gabriel S.
9th $15 Bernard B.

Mark S. made 2 balls for $236 on the Break & Run. The Pot will start at $910 next week.
See you there next week. Hopefully the microphone will be back, so you don’t have to hear us shout.

Straight Shooters Pool Tour Preseason Introduction Night

Straight Shooters Pool Tour

Sunday May 7th, 2017 7 PM

7 & Under Tour

[8’s who previously paid for a tour fee as a 7
can finish the season with 1 game added to their races]

Preseason Introduction Night

Brought to you by Eric N., Mike M. and Kolby’s C.P.B.

  • Blind Draw Scotch Doubles – Double Elimination
  • 9 Ball – Call 9 to Pocket
  • 9BB Count – 3 Foul in Effect
  • 10 Ball Break and Run Pot
  • 16 Ball Challenge Game
  • Food & Drink Specials
  • Adam Cue raffle
  • Challenge Eric N. Tour Fundraiser Game

Come join us for the fun!
To sign up for the tour send your $20 Tour Fee via PayPal to: [email protected]
Then send an email with your first and last name & phone number to: [email protected]


Monday Night Chip Tournament results (4-17-2017)

Peggy, Darnell and Tina-04-17-2017

Peggy, Darnell and Tina

1st $140 + $145 side pot Darnell I.
2nd $95 Tina W.
3rd $60 Peggy M.
4th $50 Laura
5th $35 Dee A.
6th $25 Rocky M.
7th $20 Michael M.
8th $15 Jaye S.

Eric N. made 2 balls for $230 on the Break & Run. The Pot will start at $923 next week.
Rob S. won $50 playing Kong’s game. He got lucky and the cue ball stopped on the $50 winner.

AWBT Event #4 August 19th & 20th, 2017

Arizona Women's Billiard Tour

9 Ball on 9′ Tables

$500 added

Races: A+ to 7, A’s to 6, B’s to 5
Double elimination
Entry Fee: $25 + ($10 Admin Fee if non tour member)
Side pots available
Added $ Second Chance Tournament
Website | Facebook


Monday Night Chip Tournament results (4-10-2017)

Bo, Brandon, Dan and Gus-04-10-2017

Bo, Brandon, Dan and Gus

1st $135 + $130 side pot Gus B.
2nd $90 Dan G.
3rd $60 Brandon L.
4th $40 Bo W.
5th $30 Karl B.
6th $20 Michael M.
7th $15 Gabriel S.

Alexander made 3 balls for $399 on the Break & Run. The Pot will start at $940 next week.
Thanks for all the support tonight. Hope to see everyone again next week.

Monday Night Chip Tournament results (4-4-2017)

Harold L. and David F.-04-04-2017

Harold and David

David F. and Harold L. split first and second. They each received $95, but David won the side pot for $80
3rd $50 Sherri P.
4th $35 Sherrie G.
5th $25 Michael M.
6th $20 Bo W.
7th $15 Gabe

Tonight Peter E. won $500 dollars by landing the cue ball on the winning paper.
Nobody made any money during the break and run contest so next week the pot will start at $1,139. See you next week.