December 23rd Open Barbox Chip Tourney

Open Barbox Chip Tourney-12-23-2017

The “Ratings are Fun” Tournament

Every entrant gets 9 lives
No Handicap by lives
8 & Under – 9 ball break counts, wild 9
9 & Above – 9 ball break spots, call 9
3 Foul in Effect
Winner Racks
Incoming Breaks
Must use Magic Rac
$20 Entry • $3 GF • $1 TD
$10 WTA • $20 Top 3 • $50 Top 2 • $20 WTA

Wednesday Night 9 Ball Tournament results (11-22-2017)

Brian and Yan-11-22-2017

Brian and Yan

1st Yan with the side pot
2nd Brian
3rd Frank

Details at LPS.

Lots of fun last night and the last match between Yan and Brian was amazing to match; everyone enjoyed watching them play. Great job Brian and Yan! Great to practice for everyone too. Thanks for coming and hope to see you guys next Wednesday!

Monday Night Chip Tournament results (11-20-2017)

RL and Ron-11-20-2017

RL and Ron

1st $100 + $70 side pot RL
2nd $70 Ron T.
3rd $45 Frank
4th $35 Dan W.
5th $20 Steve S.
6th $15 Tina W.

Ron T. made 4 balls for $386 on the Break & Run. The Pot will start at $562 next week.
Lots of fun and thanks everyone for coming.