Monday Night Chip Tournament results (3-27-2017)

Mitch and David-03-27-2017

Mitch and David

1st $130 Mitch E.
2nd $90 + $150 side pot David F.
3rd $60 Richard K.
4th $50 Michael M.
5th $30 Stacy N.
6th $25 Veronica
7th $20 Gabe
8th $15 Mike A.

Tonight Mitch won the the tournament with 2 lives left and a final record of 41-1. So it is possible for 9s and above to win this tournament even with more that 30 players.

JJ M. made 2 balls for $234 on the Break & Run. The Pot will start at $937 next week.

New Fargo Tournament

Added the weekly Sunday Fargo Tournament 650 and Under to the Tournaments page.
Congratulations to Jeff W. on the first win.
Results at

Website should load a bit faster.

9 & Under 10 Ball on 7′ Diamonds

10 Ball

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Double Elimination
Race to your handicap minus 3
Minimum race to 3
Alternate break
$15 entry fee | $5 Winner take all side pot
Sign up at 7 PM. Starts at 7:30 PM

RESULTS from 21 Players:
1st $150 + $65 side pot Joseph B.
2nd $75 Brad H.
3rd $65 Tony M.
4th $50 Junior F.