Live Stream

If the video does not display above, go directly to YouTube, Twitch, Twitter or Facebook*. There is generally no audio due to copyright of background music. Video in 720p at 59.94 FPS. Frames may appear skipped due to framerate conversion.

YouTube Twitch


YouTube Advantages: Works on a bunch of platforms such as Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, FireTV, iOS, Roku and smart TVs. Different resolutions to choose from. Able to rewind stream.
Disadvantages: ~30 seconds of latency. Currently do not meet the requirements to embed the live stream. Subscribe now and press the ?

Twitch Advantages: ~5 seconds of latency with low latency mode. Best quality. Stream viewable in most mobile browsers. Apps for Android/FireTV, iOS/tvOS, PS4 and Xbox One. Chromecast support in mobile and desktop Chrome and app too. Lowest latency when using Chromecast.
Disadvantage: ~4 Mbps due to no transcoding.

Facebook Advantages: Lots of people on Facebook. Chromecast support (requires mobile app).
~30 seconds of latency.
*For streaming only. Official page.

Latency measured with Google Chrome on wired connection. Time is synced with using NTP.
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