Monday Night Chip Tournament results

Ken and HA-02-17-2020

Ken and HA

1st $155 + $125 side pot Ken A.
2nd $80 HA C.
3rd $50 Dante G.
4th $30 Scotty J.
5th $25 Stephen K.
6th $20 Laura B.
7th $15 Ray L.

Rob J. made $20 on the Ken A. 10-0 bounty. Ken started 16-0

No one hit the Break & Run tonight, so next week the pot will start at $1,375.

Monday Night Chip Tournament results

Rich and Joel-02-10-2020

Rich and Joel

1st $163 + $140 side pot Rich S.
2nd $85 Joel M.
3rd $60 Ray L.
4th $40 Alan P.
5th $25 Dan W.
6th $15 Dante G.
7th $15 David D.

Brian G. made $328 on the Break & Run. The Pot will start at $1,315 for the next tournament.