Monday Night Chip Tournament results (9-25-2017)

Kyle and Josh-09-25-2017

Kyle and Josh

1st $115 Josh G.
2nd $80 + $80 side pot Kyle P.
3rd $55 Dennis W.
4th $30 Dracy H.
5th $30 Mike M.

No one made any balls in the break and run. Next Monday the pot will start at $1,133. Hope to see y’all next Monday!

Monday Night Chip Tournament results (9-18-2017)

Dan, Adam and Gary-09-18-2017

Dan, Adam and Gary

1st $130 + $85 side pot Adam K.
2nd $90 Gary B.
3rd $65 Dan W.
4th $45 Stephanie B.
5th $30 Mike K.
6th $25 Kyle P.
7th $20 Gabe M.

We added prizes on the green paper game on Monday and many players won a lot of good prizes, congratulations guys! No one made any balls in the break and run.

Straight Shooters Pool Tour (9-16-2017)

Straight Shooters Pool Tour

7 & under players are eligible
( 7s who got promoted to 8s who were previously tour members are grandfathered to still play out the season with one game added to their races )

10 AM tables open
10:30 AM signups begin
11:30 AM last call
11:45 AM player meeting
NOON start

This stop has been changed to 10 ball, call everything or option

$20 tour member fee required
$45 entry
$5 WTA side pot
$20 WTA side pot
$15 top 4 side pot
$15 top 8 side pot

Sunday Unestablished 9-Ball Tournament results (9-10-2017)

Xiao and Orlando-09-10-2017

Xiao and Orlando

1st Xiao W. “8” (61 Games Played)
2nd Orlando D. “5” (60 Games)
3rd Sydney J. “6” (35 Games)

Details at LPS.

Thank you to all the players that showed up! Next one will be on Bar Tables!