Monday Night Chip Tournament results (9-25-2017)

Kyle and Josh-09-25-2017

Kyle and Josh

1st $115 Josh G.
2nd $80 + $80 side pot Kyle P.
3rd $55 Dennis W.
4th $30 Dracy H.
5th $30 Mike M.

No one made any balls in the break and run. Next Monday the pot will start at $1,133. Hope to see y’all next Monday!

Monday Night Chip Tournament results (9-18-2017)

Dan, Adam and Gary-09-18-2017

Dan, Adam and Gary

1st $130 + $85 side pot Adam K.
2nd $90 Gary B.
3rd $65 Dan W.
4th $45 Stephanie B.
5th $30 Mike K.
6th $25 Kyle P.
7th $20 Gabe M.

We added prizes on the green paper game on Monday and many players won a lot of good prizes, congratulations guys! No one made any balls in the break and run.

Straight Shooters Pool Tour (9-16-2017)

Straight Shooters Pool Tour

7 & under players are eligible
( 7s who got promoted to 8s who were previously tour members are grandfathered to still play out the season with one game added to their races )

10 AM tables open
10:30 AM signups begin
11:30 AM last call
11:45 AM player meeting
NOON start

This stop has been changed to 10 ball, call everything or option

$20 tour member fee required
$45 entry
$5 WTA side pot
$20 WTA side pot
$15 top 4 side pot
$15 top 8 side pot

Monday Night Chip Tournament results (9-4-2017)

Lucian and Tony-09-04-2017

Lucian and Tony

1st $110 + $80 side pot Tony N.
2nd $70 Lucian A.
3rd $50 Dan W.
4th $35 Paul L.
5th $25 Todd C.
6th $20 John G.
7th $15 H.A. C.

Brad H. made 1 ball for $290 on the Break & Run!!! The Pot will start at $1,160 next week!!!
Hope to see everyone next week.