Wednesday Night Chip Tournament results (8-9-2017)

Ahmed and Alex-08-09-2017

Ahmed and Alex

1st $110 Ahmed A.
2nd $245 Alex E. with WTA side pot + $40 in beat the dealer ring game
3rd $50 Dan F.
4th $30 Dave V.
5th $15 Seth J. + $70 in Chinese 3 ball
6th $10 Gus A.

Break pot starts at $820 next week. Rolls over to Tuesday 3 ball if we get 10 or more players on Tuesday.

Monday Night Chip Tournament results (8-7-2017)

Peggy, RL, Jennifer and Kyle-08-07-2017

Peggy, RL, Jennifer and Kyle

1st $95 + $85 side pot RL
2nd $70 Jennifer N.
3rd $50 Kyle P.
4th $35 Peggy M.
5th $20 Jide
6th $15 Stephanie

Next week the break and run pot will start at $890. Hope to see every on next week

Monday Night Chip Tournament results (7-31-2017)

Kevin and Jennifer-07-31-2017

Kevin and Jennifer

1st $115 + $125 side pot Kevin P.
2nd $80 Jennifer N.
3rd $65 Shawn A.
4th $50 Stasia M.
5th $35 Justina W.
6th $25 Gabe M.
7th $20 Chuck S.
8th $15 Shannon F.

Nobody made any money balls this week so next week the break and run pot will start at $774. Hope to see everyone again next week.

Monday Night Chip Tournament results (7-24-2017)

James, Thoi and Sherman-07-24-2017

James, Thoi and Sherman

1st $120 + $115 side pot Thoi T.
2nd $85 Sherman
3rd $55 James L.
4th $40 Sherri P.
5th $30 Jessica L.
6th $20 Mike M.
7th $15 Gabriel S.

Tonight James L. made $50 playing Kong’s game. He landed the cue ball on the lucky paper.
Nobody made any money during the break and run. Next week the pot will start at $692

Straight Shooters Pool Tour Stop #4 results

Michael and Brian-07-24-2017

Michael, Mike and Brian

Straight Shooters Pool Tour stop #4 champion brought to you by G Cue Billiard Store:
Brian D. won $1300 for winning the tournament (all-in)
Runner up : Michael U.

Alex D. won the free month of pool.

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